To be gracious isn’t a temporary state. It’s a mindset. It means embracing imperfections and focusing on the good instead of the flaws. When life hits you with lows, take them in stride. When things go your way, humility will prevail. Handling life with grace isn’t always easy, but it’s what separates the leaders from the pack. In every stitch, we strive to embody this mindset, and it guides how we treat our customers, friends and family.

Gracious, adj., gra·cious | \ ˈgrā-shəs \


1a: marked by kindness and courtesy

a gracious host

b: characterized by charm, good taste, generosity of spirit and the tasteful leisure of wealth

gracious living

Source: Merriam-Webster

When I was 17 I bought my first printing press. Tucked away in my parents’ basement, this machine gave me freedom. It was where my ideas became tangible. I could finally feel and wear my vision. I gave away as many shirts as I could to friends at school, and the ecstasy of seeing them rock my designs in the hallway is a feeling I’ll never forget. The drive to create something people love is what has empowered me and given life to this brand for the past 11 years. We may have started from the bottom, but we’re nowhere near the top.

Gracious MFG.

“From a Basement to the World”

Est. 2013